Agriculture Industry Bearings

Supertembo bearings and Power Transmission products are used throughout the agriculture industry that allows farmers around the world to plant, grow and harvest their crops. We understand the need to avoid unwanted downtime infield, as well as reduce cost in maintenance, especially during critical planting and harvesting season. Supertembo products are designed to withstand the elements of harsh applications.

Agriculture Bearings

As foodstuff demand continues to rise, the equipment and personnel needed to harvest and cultivate them come under mounting production pressure. Improve agriculture machinery performance with high-quality agricultural bearings from Supertembo Bearings.

We are a leading supplier of standard and custom bearings for the agriculture industry and its supply chain partners. If you need to improve reliability and functionality, our expert team can find and deliver the best bearing for your application. Get in touch today.

Types of Bearings

A bearing constrains relative motion and reduces friction between moving parts. These highly engineered, precision-made components enable machinery to run at high speeds and carry remarkable loads with ease and efficiency.

Taking agriculture products from farm to table requires a multi-tiered supply chain, from farmers and ranchers to logistics providers and distributors, to name a few. The appropriate bearing depends upon the particular process or machinery type.

Common bearing types found in agriculture applications include:

Spherical Ball Bearings: These bearings are perfect for applications that suffer from alignment errors or shaft deflection. They are comprised of two rows of ball bearings and one spherical raceway on an outer ring. This design results in a self-aligning ball bearing, which reduces or eliminates positioning problems.

Square Bore Bearings: These bearings feature an advanced seal design that excels in heavily contaminated conditions. They exhibit all the characteristics of single-row ball bearings, except the inner ring has a square interior as opposed to a rounded one. This enables Square Bore Bearings to accept square shafts.

Bearing Selection Importance

Bearings, such as farm equipment bearings, are pivotal to the function and longevity of countless agriculture machinery. They reduce friction, enabling parts to move more smoothly and surfaces to wear less quickly. When selecting the right bearing for your application, there are many things to consider.

Rate of speed
Noise level
Service life
Corrosion resistance
Anti-wear properties
Chemical resistance
Industry regulations
Material specifications or standards

Agriculture Industry Bearing Use

Agriculture plays a critical role in societies around the world. In addition to providing restaurants, governments, and consumers with food and raw materials, the industry creates job opportunities for millions of people.

Agricultural bearings help a range of agriculture applications function optimally. Some examples include:

Disc harrows
Silo unloaders
Seeding equipment
Linkage and pivot points
Harvesting equipment
Cotton pickers and strippers
Steering and suspension systems
Hydraulic cylinders

Supertembo Bearings is your farm equipment bearing source. Our team meets your agriculture application needs quickly and efficiently by combining extensive in-house inventory with superior supply chain partners and expert product knowledge.

From single bearings to wholesale quantities, we can comfortably accommodate all orders. When partnering with us, you’ll receive the right bearing at the best price in the fastest possible time.

Contact us to learn more about our agriculture application bearing capabilities.


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