Spherical Roller Bearings

STB  Spherical Roller Bearings

withstand the most demanding conditions by resisting seizure and wear in spite of constant vibration, misalignment and shock loads. They maintain dimensional stability and can support high radial loads and moderate axial loads. Their performance enhancements include extremely tight radial clearance tolerance, extra precision on the bore and outside diameter & super-finished, heat-treated rollers with superior shock load capacity.


Product Features and Benefits: 

  • Design: Elimination of the guide ring allowing for a design change that improves cage balance and strength.
  • Material Technology: NSKHPS series made by high-cleanliness Z steel.
  • Special surface treatment increases wear resistance.
  • STB also offers advanced material options: Super TF and TL steel, for specific application requirements.
  • Bearings are available with oil groove and holes in the outer ring for ease of re-lubrication. An optional inner ring oil groove and holes are also available.
  • Seal Technology: STB offers a variety of sealing materials for various operating temperatures.
  • Cage Materials: Available in steel, brass or polyamide for various applications.
  • Manufacturing Technology:  Advanced production system guarantees outstanding quality control.
  • Operating Life: Increases up to 2 times that of standard bearings.
  • Reduced maintenance costs: downsizing to smaller bearings while improving performance and extending equipment operating life.
  • Limiting speed: up to 20% higher.

Spherical Roller Bearings includes

NSKHPS series, Molded-Oil bearings, sealed spherical roller bearings, quiet & low-vibration series, ultra-large split bearings, Spherical roller bearings with CAM cage and more.


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